b'Wheelchair PositioningProblem:The surface of a traditional wheelchair cushion remains static as the patientMuscleslides forward from fatigue orDeep FasciaTissue injuryweakness, causing subcutaneousSubcutaneous Fattissue damage, resulting in debilitatingSkinand costly pressure injuries.Traditional cushion remains staticSolution:AliMed T-Gel Wheelchair Cushions L ow-profile T-Gel pad made of a soft, rubber-like elastomer gel mimicsMuscleskin-protecting fatty tissue, moving with the skin to minimize the effects of friction and shear while reducing the formation of pressure injuries Deep Fascia Gel will not leak or dry out if accidentally punctured or cutAs patient T-GelPlus Cushions include a bottom layer of slow-recovery T-Foam shiftsto evenly allocate coccyx pressure, maximizing pressure distributionSubcutaneous FatShear-reducing gel options: SkinT-Gelcushion surface moves with the skinSmoothBasic Relief CheckerboardMaximum Reliefto minimize shearMoves with the skin to minimizeIndependent cells offer better reaction to the effects of skin shearing patient movement and greater air circulation T-Gel Plus Cushions T-Gel Basic Cushions1 58 "H8 lbs.Black Polyknit cover (16"W 58 "H5.5 lbs.Black Polyknit cover (16"W or 18"W models)Made in the USA or 18"W models)Made in the USA SMOOTH SMOOTH #129316"W x 16"D$205.75 ea #132116"W x 16"D$154.25 ea#129218"W x 16"D$205.75 ea Smooth with 1" T-Foam base#131918"W x 16"D$154.25 ea Smooth#10877*20"W x 18"D$240.50 ea #10874*20"W x 18"D$192.00 ea CHECKERBOARD CHECKERBOARD #153216"W x 16"D$217.50 ea #153016"W x 16"D$193.00 ea#153118"W x 16"D$217.50 ea #152918"W x 16"D$193.00 ea#10885*20"W x 18"D$246.75 ea #10882*20"W x 18"D$211.00 ea*Specify Black Polyknit or *Specify Black Polyknit orNavy Ripstop Nylon cover.Checkerboard with 1" T-Foam base Navy Ripstop Nylon cover. CheckerboardItems may ship with gold or blue gel.Items may ship with gold or blue gel. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Other Solutions:More online about AliMed Coccyx Cushions CheckerboardCoccyx pressure Wheelchair Positioning with Checkerboard T-Gel TopperT-Gel relief in backTri-layer cushion helps stabilize sitting posture and provides Read our blogsacral relief while reducing skin shear and pressure injuriesAliMed.com/sit-straight3 12 "H tapers to 2 12 "H rearMade in the USADownload our infographic BLACK ALITEX COVER Black AliTex AliMed.com/sit-straight #179016"W x 16"D$270.50 ea water-resistant #179118"W x 16"D$270.25 ea Solid seat base T-Foamcover shownShop more solutions OCEAN BLUE POLYKNIT COVERAliMed.com/cushions #179318"W x 16"D$284.25 eaItems may ship with gold or blue gel. California residents, see left page.866.916.2248AliMed.com/solutions \\ 15'