b'Wheelchair PositioningProblem:Sagging wheelchair seats make traditional flat-bottom cushions ineffective for pressure relief while causing instability, poor posture, and forward sliding.Solution:AliMed Solid Seat Insert (SSI) All-in-one foam block with flat top and convex baseFlat top creates a level seating surface for use with any fills gaps in sagging sling seats to form a level sittingpositioning or pressure-relief cushions without bucklingsurface that prevents sacral sitting and side-to-side tilt, improving posture, balance, and weight distribution11/2" thick (center)Closed-cell foamWaterproof Cushion Wipe cleanMade in the USAVinyl Cover: no-slipvinyl with rear safety tiesGrey UNCOVERED, COATED SSI#119218"W x 16"D$55.50 ea#119316"W x 16"D$55.50 ea Sling seat w/VINYL COVER, GREY #126018"W x 16"D$66.50 ea#126116"W x 16"D$66.50 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.Unlike boards commonly usedUnique flat top and convex base form aVinyl Cover option offers incontinenceto bridge gaps, the SSI doesstable foundation that fills sagging seat gapsprotection and attaches to wheelchair with rearnot raise the seat\'s height, safety ties for added security allowing patients to sit securely while keeping their feet properly positioned on foot supportsOther Solutions:AliMed Unpadded AmputeeSupport SurfacesStable base with removable, cushioned extension provides stump support to maintain ROM and helpCushionsreduce risk of contracture and pressure injuries with integrated 16"DSeat base: 11/2"HStump support cushion surface: 63/4"W x 10"DStump support base: 231/2"L x 1/2"H Solid Seat InsertPlywood with T-FoamAccommodates any flat-base cushionMade in the USA#7100016"W$338.75 ea#7100118"W$368.25 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. pp. 14, 15Surface with Stump Support866.916.2248AliMed .com/ solutions \\ 13'