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Circumstraint #98IMM1-1
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  • For fast immobilization of newborns
  • Use Circumstraint board for circumcision, transfusion, infusion and much more
  • Used by more than 11,000 hospitals as the cost effective, safe, easy, durable, infant immobilization standard for modern nurseries

Product Details

More About This Product

Circumstraint for fast immobilization of newborns (4 to 16 lbs.) for use during circumcision, transfusion, infusion, scalp IV, catheterization, blood exchanges, minor surgery, X-ray, and any other neonatal medical procedures that require infant immobilization. The new Olympic Circumstraint board is now even more versatile and functional than the popular model purchased by over 11,000 hospitals throughout the world. Circumstraint is now more compact so it fits inside a standard incubator or bassinet. In less than 30 seconds, a nurse can immobilize the infant securely in the correct position. The Circumstraint immobilizer works on a proven principle of positive 4-point restraint with soft wide VELCRO® Brand fastener straps that securely encircle the infant's elbows and knees. The infant is held safely and securely without any danger of falls or moves. Circumstraint offers a comfortable contoured shape that positions the infant's hips in an elevated manner.

The Circumstraint board comes complete with four adjustable VELCRO® Brand straps for securing arms and legs.

25-1/4" x 13" x 3-1/2". Weight is less than two pounds.

Circumstraint also has a hole for hanging in the OR or nursery. It fits infants from 4 to 16 pounds. The straps slide longitudinally in slots to adapt to infant length. Made of dense, non-absorbent plastic and wipes clean with any liquid disinfectant.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro IP Holdings LLC. Used with permission.

More About Circumstraint:

The Olympic Circumstraint device was introduced in 1959 and has been purchased by over 11,000 hospitals throughout the world. Circumstraint is designed for minor surgery, blood exchanges, catheterization, transfusions or infusions (including scalp IV’s), or whenever immobilization is required for a neonatal procedure. Circumstraint is radiolucent so it also works very well for infant x-rays. The Circumstraint board’s comfortable contoured shape positions the infant with their hips elevated, effectively presenting the genitalia for the circumcision procedure. The platform between the infant’s legs provides support for a circumcision clamp. Without extraneous pins, clamps or towels, the device snugly and securely immobilizes the infant with the entire torso visible. The device maintains the high standards of nursery asepsis with minimum effort.

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