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January 27, 2014

AliMed® Releases New 2014-2015 Operating Room, Medical Imaging, and Critical Care Sourcebook

Jan. 27, 2014, DEDHAM, Mass.— AliMed announces the release of the new 2014-2015 Operating Room, Medical Imaging, and Critical Care Sourcebook. This new edition arrives packed with a wide selection of products that busy healthcare professionals use every day. Discover a range of positioning and immobilization solutions, patient transfer devices, radiation protection, surgical table accessories, and everything in between.

The new catalog offers solutions for some of today’s most important challenges. From reducing the risk of cross-contamination to maximizing pressure management, AliMed provides the means to achieve excellence in patient care. In addition, AliMed carries thousands of items from many other leading manufacturers so facilities can find the right products for every patient, position, and procedure.

“You’re busy. We understand that,” says Scott Lewis, new AliMed CEO. “Busy times and complex healthcare changes call for simpler, more effective ways to meet increasing demands without compromising quality. To help you do this, our new sourcebook presents thousands of great values in an easy-to-find format so you can focus on providing superior care with greater efficiency.”

AliMed helps ensure the best customer experience with same-day shipping for all in-stock items. The company also provides expert customer service representatives to assist in finding or custom-ordering the exact product you need. The new catalog arrives in late January, and will also be available by request, FREE, to clinical and administrative staff at qualified facilities.

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