AliMed® 12-Year Warranty Carts

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Protect your investment

We now offer an extended 12-year warranty on an assortment of Select Series Carts. Constructed using lightweight aluminum, these carts are 30% lighter than Standard Series Carts for easier maneuverability, and include dual pull-out shelves for more work space.

optional 12 year warranty available on select carts

Cart Options:

Color Selection

Choose industry-standard colors — Red for Emergency, Blue for Anesthesia, Yellow for Isolation — or choose your own base or drawer color to coordinate with departments or units. Available in Solid or Two-Tone color styles (Two-Tone cart base is always Beige).

Locking Options

Choose from five secure locking options based on the access and level of security you need. Key Locks provide access only to staff with keys and, unless otherwise specified, all carts ship with Key Locks installed. If a number of individuals require access to your cart, choose Push-Button, Electronic, or Proximity Locks — each requires an entry code with manual key override. Proximity Locks feature the added benefit of swipe-card entry with access tracking. For quick access (with Emergency Carts, for example), Breakaway Locks are ideal — the lock breaks open when pressure is applied by opening the drawer.

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