Abilex™ Oral Motor Exerciser

Oral Motor Exerciser #83417
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Product Highlights

  • Designed to aid in swallowing and speech therapy
  • Helps translate typical exercises into tangible tasks
  • Exercises learned in care easily transition to home

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More About This Product

Abilex™ Oral Motor Exerciser was developed to help improve swallowing function and oral control in patients with dysphagia or oral control issues stemming from stroke, acquired brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, head and neck cancer, post-extubation issues, Cerebral Palsy, dysarthria, or apraxia.

Abilex™ is designed to:
• Improve tongue and lip strength through isometric resistance exercises
• Build tongue coordination through manipulation and movement exercises
• Generate oral awareness
• Enable safe practice of swallow skills through simulation of a food bolus

Abilex™ adapts and builds on existing oral exercise techniques, combining them into a multi-functional tool for comprehensive therapy. The exerciser helps translate typical oral exercises into tangible tasks. Designed to be safe for early intervention and low cognition patients, Abilex™ enables therapy to progress from simple oral awareness to a full exercise regimen. Exercises learned in-care easily transition to home, encouraging compliance to daily therapy.

WARNING: California's Proposition 65
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