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  • MRI Multi-purpose Testing Phantom MRI Multi-purpose Testing Phantom
    • Monitors the overall performance of your MRI system
    • Provides a comprehensive range of tests all in one compact unit
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  • Pneumatic Compression Paddle Pneumatic Compression Paddle
    • Provides guided compression during radiographic studies of the gastrointestinal tract
    • Inflate paddle beneath the patient to increase pressure in a concentrated area
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  • Positioning Platforms Positioning Platforms
    • Positions patients for foot, ankle and lower leg X-rays
    • Unique platform design
    • Moves easily on built-in rollers

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  • Radiopaque Scale Radiopaque Scale
    • Translucent acrylic with die-cut legend containing 0.5 cm graduation and sufficient opaque compound for high kV work
    • Center line marking for topographic recording
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  • Reversible L And R Marker Clip Reversible L And R Marker Clip
    • Slips on over the cassette frame
    • Expose "L" or flip over for "R" during patient exposure
    • Stainless steel
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  • Swivel Safelight Swivel Safelight
    • Can be directed to any position
    • Mounts easily on wall
    • All-steel construction
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  • Ureteral Compression Set Ureteral Compression Set
    • Belt fits around the waist so the patient may be repositioned quickly for studies at any angle
    • Contrast material stays in the kidney collecting system until compression is released
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  • X-Rite 301 Densitometer X-Rite 301 Densitometer
    • Easy-to-read 1/2" LED numeric display
    • Lighted table simplifies location of image areas to measure
    • Convenient push-and-read operation
    • Internal memory and null button allow operator to make comparative density measurements
    • Measures all silver-based film
    • Easy-to-replace lamps and electronics
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  • X-Rite 331 Handheld Densitometer X-Rite 331 Handheld Densitometer
    • Designed for black and white film measurement applications, where portability is required
    • Self-contained light source for the light table accommodates films up to 11"W
    • Features the same accuracy and repeatability as larger countertop units
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  • X-Rite 334 Dual Color Hand-Held Sensitometer X-Rite 334 Dual Color Hand-Held Sensitometer
    • Offers improved green and blue film performance
    • Features exposure time control to adapt performance to conventional X-ray or cine film QC requirements
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