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Wheelchair Backs and Seats

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AliMed® Convex Back Support Cushion
  • Eliminates wheelchair sling back "sag"
  • Self-contouring T-Foam™ lumbar roll helps distribute pressure evenly
  • Minimal effect on seat depth

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AliMed® Designer Wheelchair Back Covers
  • Can make your facility look as bright and cheery as a garden, boosting the spirits of your residents and improving their quality of daily life

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AliMed® Drop Seat
  • Fits almost any chair!
  • Sturdy plastic drop seat attaches with strong webbing
  • Lowers seat up to 3"
  • Use as a level seat or incline it for a wedge effect


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AliMed® Stay-Put™ AeroCell Cushion
  • Excellent pressure redistribution helps reduce risk of pressure ulcers
  • Never lose a wheelchair cushion again!
  • Cushion attaches to the wheelchair and remains on the wheelchair when folded
  • Cushion is stored right on the wheelchair

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AliMed® T-Foam™ Lumbar Support
  • Anatomically contoured to conform to your body while helping to maintain the natural curve of your spine
  • Helps prevent and relieve lower back pain
  • Unparalleled support and resiliency

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AliMed® Wheelchair Board
  • Increases overall functioning abilities
  • Exceptionally durable wooden board improves sitting posture as well as weight distribution
  • Creates a stable base
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AliMed® Wheelchair Comfort Seat
  • Provides cushioned comfort and protection
  • Covered in soft poly/cotton fabric
  • Machine washable
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J2 Wheelchair Backs
  • Replaces standard sling upholstery with support needed for all-day comfort
  • No loss of seat depth
  • Soft, highly-resilient foam attached to an aluminum back shell with an Air Exchange cover
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Jay® Adjustable Drop Seat
  • Molded, reinforced, anti-slide urethane
  • Won't warp or rot
  • Hook retainers prevent seat from sliding backwards, forwards, or accidentally popping out of wheelchair
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  • Provides safe, comfortable head support to those who require assistance in holding their head up
  • Provides patient with dignity and comfort


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HeelLift Glide Suspension Boot

Hapad Foot Protection

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