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Veterinary Radiation Protection

Radiation aprons, thyroid shields, gloves, mittens and more for all of your veterinary radiation protection needs.
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Economy Standard Weight Veterinary Apron
  • Smooth surface that minimizes damage caused by animal claws
  • 1"W cotton ties and back shoulder strap with hook-and-loop closure redistribute some of the weight to the hip and waist
  • Maximum front radiation protection of 0.5-mm lead protection
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Liquid-Proof Thyroid Shield
  • 0.5-mm Pb equivalent protection
  • Available in Standard Weight Lead, Lightweight, and Lead-Free materials
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Paw Print Radiation Protection Mittens
  • Radiation protection mittens provide full 360° hand safety with 0.5-mm Pb equivalent protection
  • Wrist strap helps keep mittens in place while you are positioning animals for procedures
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Paw Print Thyroid Shield
  • Thyroid collar guards the delicate thyroid area with 0.5- mm Pb equivalent protection
  • Choose from Standard Weight Lead, Lightweight, or new Lead-Free thyroid shields
  • One size collar fits all with hook-and-loop closure
  • Dog paw print design
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Premium Veterinarian Apron
  • Features a shiny, polyurethane-laminate fabric reinforced with ripstop mesh filament to help prevent rips and tears
  • Available in Standard Weight, Lightweight and Lead-Free styles
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Wolf X-Ray Superflex Protective Radiation Gloves
  • Five-finger, molded, lead-lined gloves are covered in resilient Naugahyde
  • Feature 7-1/2" flare at the cuff for increased comfort
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Wraparound Radiation Protection Eyewear
  • Offer excellent peripheral vision and protection
  • Available with Rx lenses
  • Fits Medium to Large


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