RollerMouse Free2™

  • No traditional mouse. Helps end pain and injury
  • Smaller and lighter than other RollerMouse versions
  • Fits in most laptop bags
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NEW! RollerMouse Free2™
Mouse-Free Computing Helps Stop Pain and Injury
in the Office and On the Go!

RollerMouse Free™ is the latest version of the highly popular and patented RollerMouse™ family of central pointing devices (CPD) from Contour Design® Inc.  The new model “Free,” is smaller and lighter than other RollerMouse versions, so it's easily transportable in most laptop bags. The new RollerMouse Free2™ accommodates all of the features and functions of the RollerMouse PRO while providing an enlarged and smooth rollerbar action across the working surface of the device.

The RollerMouse Free2™ eliminates reaching for a traditional mouse, helping to prevent neck, shoulder, and elbow pain. No gripping is necessary, reducing the threat of repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Promotes the equal use of both hands, reducing the risk of injuring your dominant mousing hand.

Instead of using a traditional mouse you control the cursor by rolling a "dowel" control bar with your fingertips with very little effort, both up and down and side to side simultaneously.

The RollerMouse Free2™ is designed to fit immediately adjacent to your keyboard or laptop, placing the mousing controls just a few inches below the home keys, keeping your hands within a small work area and eliminating large reaching motions.

Easy-to-remove palm supports allow you to adjust the RollerMouse Free2™ to your specific comfort preference and space constraints.

Powerful button functions include one touch "double click", scroll wheel, scroll lock, "one touch" copy, "one touch" paste, right click, and two options for left click.

A winner! The RollerMouse Free2™ won the prestigious 2008 NECE Attendees Choice Award in Las Vegas with the audience voting for the new products they felt are most likely to increase productivity and profitability, while improving workplace health and safety.

Specifications: Without wrist rest, 15L x 3D” and with wrist rest, 17-1/2"L x 4”D, USB for PC Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP.  MAC systems OS 8.6 or later. Black only.


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