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  • 9 styles of radiation protection aprons including vests, kilts, coats and more...
  • 4 choices of protective materials, including the world's lightest, lead-free radiation protection apron
  • Over 300 color and print choices
  • Personalized apron monogramming
  • Custom apron sizing
  • Complete with an attached Thyroid Shield

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Other Radiation Protection Forms and Options

Radiation Protection Order Form

Radiation Protection Apron Order Form

Apron Color/Print Swatches

Apron Color Swatches/Prints

Apron Weights Chart

Radiation Protection Apron Weights

Apron Sizing Chart

Radiation Protection Apron Sizing Chart

Wolf Monogrammed Radiation Apron Order Form

Wolf Monogrammed Radiation Apron

Prescription Leaded Radiation Protection Eyewear Order Form

Prescription Leaded Radiation Protection Eyewear Order Form

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