Fall Management

The Complete Fall Management Solution

AliMed’s complete line of Fall Management solutions is specifically designed to minimize falls, reduce the risk of injury, and improve overall patient safety—all day, every day. Count on AliMed for everything you need for a complete Fall Management program.

Everything you need for Fall Management

Fall Alarms
Simple, easy-to-use, and full-featured signal devices quickly alert staff when patients leave their bed or chair.

Corded and cordless sensor options are designed to work in tandem with AliMed Sensor Fall Alarms to promptly alert caregivers when a patient tries to exit a bed, chair, or room, creating an effective and reliable Fall Management monitoring solution.

Patient Room Safety
Environmental devices protect patients against falls and prevent tripping, wandering, and other injuries in patient rooms.

Personal Protection and Awareness
Wearable personal devices can prevent slipping and protect vital body parts, such as head and hips, from serious injury. Color-coded identifiers integrate with any Fall Management system.