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Arch Supports

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AliMed® Dynamic Foot Stabilizer™ (DFS™)
  • Helps control transverse plane rotation

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AliMed® Glass Composite Orthotics
  • Thin as a penny and lightweight
  • The ultimate in comfort
  • 3/4 - length fits comfortably and unobtrusively into your shoe
  • Retains rigidity and shape after heat modification
  • Guaranteed against breakage for one year
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AliMed® Poron® 4000 Insoles
  • Far more supportive and provide better pressure distribution than commercially available insoles
  • Provide maximum forefoot protection without taking up needed space in the shoe
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AliMed® Viscoelastic Accommodator™
  • Combines Accommodator and BFO three-quarter length design with the the proven attributes of a pure, supple, viscoelastic polymer
  • Superior shock absorption
  • Shape flexes and flows with movement
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AliMed® Viscoelastic Women's Pump Insoles
  • Flexible insoles are molded to reduce heel pressure
  • Met pad provides critical transverse arch support
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AliPlast™ Insoles, Uncovered
  • Provide pressure relief for the entire plantar surface
  • Dynamically mold to the heel and met heads, acting as a soft tissue supplement, and providing a surprising degree of comfort

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FREEDOM® Accommodator™ Insoles
  • Dual-layer accommodative insoles
  • Provides gentle, long-term support
  • These accommodative insoles are generally used without modification
  • Proven Plantar Fasciitis relief

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FREEDOM® Accommodator™ Semi-rigid Pro Orthotics
  • Professional Sales Only!
  • Uniform, full-foot cushioning professional orthotics
  • Extra heel-strike protection

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FREEDOM® AliCork™ Orthotic Insole
  • Our firmest half sole orthotic with the "rubbery" feel of cork
  • AliCork can be easily modified with heat
  • Ideal for custom fabrication

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FREEDOM® Basic Foot Orthosis (BFO)
  • Provides a convenient, neutral orthotic base
  • Accepts glued modifications

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