Mice and Trackballs

Computer Mice Buyer's Guide

Why use ergonomic mice?

Hand positioning while mousing—as well as the mouse’s design—are important elements to consider in any work environment. Standard mice can cause shoulder and wrist pain during use and may even lead to a repetitive stress injury (RSI), a problem that can be avoided by choosing an ergonomically correct mouse. Vertical and Contoured mice options are shaped or sized to fit nearly any hand for added comfort and a more natural grip while mousing. Roller mice help cut down on the strain of constantly reaching for your mouse while Trackballs, one of the more common mousing options, are operated by the thumb and fingers, eliminating the need to move your arm for use. Specialized mice are perfect for those who are injured or have a disability.

Reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow strain

Vertical mice place the whole hand, wrist, arm, and fingers in a natural, relaxed posture to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow or arm strain. The Evoluent® VerticalMouse™ C Series is our newest vertical mouse, and places the hand in a relaxed handshake position for easy, comfortable mousing.

Having the right size mouse reduces tension

Contoured mice follow the shape and size of your hand. Mice now come in multiple sizes, just like human hands do. Having the right size mouse helps reduce fatigue.

No more straining to reach your mouse

Roller Options allow you to control the cursor by gently moving the rollerbar with your fingertips. Simply position in front of your keyboard, eliminating the need to reach for the mouse, which can stress your neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrist. The NEW ArmSupport Red ensures a comfortable typing position, whether the user is sitting or standing.

A welcome alternative for those who suffer from mouse-related arm or shoulder pain

Trackballs are stationary devices that use a small rolling ball to move the cursor onscreen. Operated by thumb or fingers instead of your arm, thus reducing the distance your shoulder must travel. Many trackballs come with multiple buttons that can be assigned keystrokes to help reduce keyboard use. The newest addition to our trackball selection is the NEW Logitech® Wireless Trackball M570, and features an 18-month battery life.
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