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AliMed has a complete selection of ergonomic keyboards that reduce the strain on hands and wrists to help you and your employees work more comfortably and effectively. To make everyday typing more comfortable and to fit your specific needs, we have a wide-selection of the best ergonomic keyboards.
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Bluetooth® SlimTouch Mini Touchpad Keyboard
  • Built-in touchpad provides precision and control
  • Low profile footprint great for portability
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Comfort Type Keyboards
  • Unique angled key structure
  • Encourages relaxed wrist position
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Compact Keyboard with Sliding Number Pad
  • Compact keyboard with extensive range of function keys
  • Number slide - with integrated number pad that easily slides out sideways
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Contour® RollerMouse™ Pro2
  • Five programmable buttons
  • Mouse controlled by thumb or fingertip motion - no gripping necessary
  • Can be operated with left or right hand
  • Increased keyboard comfort - encourages productivity
  • Rollerwave wrist-rest must be ordered separately
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Contour® RollerMouse™ PRO2 and Keyboard Kit
  • Includes the Contour® RollerMouse PRO2 and Comfort Type Keyboard


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Cool MIR Blackberry Keyboard
  • Ergonomic thin design with full tactile feedback
  • Flexible, can be easily rolled
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Evoluent Essentials Compact Keyboard
  • Highly portable, compact keyboard
  • Low profile keys
  • Omits standard keypad for more comfortable mouse placement
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EZSee Keyboard
  • Huge, bold, high-contrast, large print keyboard is easy to see
  • Helps prevent eye strain and great for low vision
  • Ideal for both adults and children
  • Multimedia hot keys, low profile
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Fellowes Slimline Multi Media Keyboard
  • Superior light touch and feel
  • Faster key response
  • Extra multimedia keys

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Goldtouch Go!2™ Mobile Keyboard
  • Splitting and tenting capabilities
  • Convenient and portable
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Ergonomic Keyboards

Our ergonomic keyboard designs reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. Select the right keyboard for your specific computing needs including slim, low profile, curved designs and split keyboards that allow you to position each hand separately. We also have left-handed keyboards for southpaw users. For the visually impaired, we have high visibility keyboards with large letters and bright colors. For workplaces that need an extra measure of infection control, our antimicrobial keyboards offer built-in protection against germs, and our waterproof keyboards can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.

HeelLift Glide Suspension Boot

Hapad Foot Protection

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