Hip Chairs

Hip chairs are rehabilitative chairs designed with a higher “seat” that eliminates the need to flex the hip when getting up or sitting down. This makes hip chairs an ideal solution for patients who are recovering from hip replacement surgery, suffering from hip and knee arthritis, or have other infirmities that make sitting or standing difficult.

More About Hip Chairs

Hip chairs also help to reduce the risk of injuries to patient caretakers by reducing the amount of effort needed to help a patient sit or stand. Ideal for long term care facilities, post-operative care and at-home rehabilitation, AliMed's hip chairs come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs to fit every patient need, including accessories for tailored seating solutions.
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  • AliMed® Portable Easy Up™ AliMed® Portable Easy Up™
    • Seat cushion is like a portable lift chair, but much more convenient
    • From sit to stand without assistance
    • Perfect for post hip surgery or arthritis of the hips and knees
    • Easy to carry cushion weighs less than 1 lb.
    • Extra-form firm foam material is comfortable to sit on

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  • Ascender Hip Chairs Ascender Hip Chairs
    • For post-op hip and knee arthritis or other infirmities that make sitting or standing difficult
    • Extended armrests eliminate forward trunk lean
    • Ergonomic glide-a-way footrest adjusts to two height and depth positions
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  • Ascender Home Rehab Chair Ascender Home Rehab Chair
    • Great for people who have mobility difficulties
    • Easy-adjust, three-position seat angle
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  • Carex Uplift Seat Assist Carex Uplift Seat Assist
    • Pneumatic spring-assist
    • Comfortable, low-profile, easy-to-use
    • Flattens for easy transport
    • Built-in handle
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  • Drive Medical Hip Chair Drive Medical Hip Chair
    • For post hip surgery patients
    • Provides sitting without bending at hip
    • Constructed of solid maple hardwood
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  • Drive Medical Hip-High Chair Drive Medical Hip-High Chair
    • Provides sitting without having to bend at the waist
    • Lightweight steel frame
    • Attractive, easy-care brown vein finish
    • Easy-care, water-resistant padded seat and backrest
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  • Recliner Riser™ Recliner Riser™
    • Decreases strain on back, hip, and knees
    • 800-lb. capacity including furniture
    • Does not interfere with rocking or reclining
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