Hapad - 100 percent Natural Wool Felt Foot Products and Comf-Orthotic Sports Insoles


Hapad® premium orthotics are the medically designed, affordable alternative to custom orthotics. All Hapad® foot products are uniquely developed to provide firm support and establish proper foot alignment. Hapad's patented foot orthotics include: Hapad® metatarsal pads and bars, Hapad® dancer pads, Hapad® Comf-Orthotics® and more:
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  • Hapad® Metatarsal Cookies Hapad® Metatarsal Cookies
    • Adhesive-backed 5/16" metatarsal cookie pad
    • A wider metatarsal pad that eliminates pressure across the entire metatarsal arch
    • Available in Mens, Womens and Pediatric sizes
    • Metatarsal cookie pads are sold in pairs
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  • Hapad® Metatarsal Pads Hapad® Metatarsal Pads
    • Place behind second and third metatarsal heads to eliminate pressure
    • Adhesive back
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  • Hapad® Neuroma Pads Hapad® Neuroma Pads
    • Neuroma pad helps alleviate the pain, tingling, and numbness associated with interdigital Morton's neuroma
    • Pad spreads the bones at the base of the toes to help relieve painful symptoms caused by pinched nerves
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  • Hapad® Pediatric Comf-Orthotic® Insoles Hapad® Pediatric Comf-Orthotic® Insoles
    • All-in-one medial arch support, metatarsal pad and heel cushion
    • Proven effective for treating heel pain resulting from plantar fasciitis
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  • Hapad® Posting Heel Wedges Hapad® Posting Heel Wedges
    • Great used alone or under Comf-Orthotic® Insoles for a perfect medial or lateral heel post
    • Convenient adhesive backing attaches securely
    • Helps correct varus or valgus heel
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  • Hapad® Scaphoid Pad Hapad® Scaphoid Pad
    • Provide extra arch support when used with another insert
    • Also great for use alone in any shoe when more arch support is desired
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