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AliMed® Goniometers
  • Has three rows of numbers: Outer row measures 0º to 90º, middle 0º to 180º, inner 0º to 360º, all in 1º increments
  • Transparent, high-impact vinyl
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AliMed® Personal Rulangemeter & Goniometer
  • AliMed® Personal Rulangemeter has a 360º dial in 5º increments. High-quality plastic with linear measurement to 6"
  • AliMed® Personal Goniometer has two 0º to 180º (5º increments) scales that read in opposite directions
  • Economical, durable vinyl
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Baseline® Bubble Inclinometer
  • Bubble Inclinometer has a 360° rotating dial with fluid indicator
  • Precise Baseline results for flexion and extension, abduction and adduction, and rotation in the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and spine
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Baseline® Circumference Gauge
  • Measure the circumference of a joint or digit
  • Measuring tape will stay in place securely, leaving you with two free hands to make adjustments and record measurements
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Baseline® Digit Goniometer
  • Requires only one hand to operate
  • Measures up to 110° flexion and 40° hyperextension in 5° increments
  • Arm has 10 cm/4" linear scale
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Baseline® Digital Absolute Axis™ Goniometer
  • Integral absolute vertical and horizontal levels incorporated into digital goniometer arm
  • Levels to indicate level/plumb starting points
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Baseline® Goniometers
  • Baseline® 180º Robinson Goniometer is inexpensive and pocket sized
  • Baseline® 180º Goniometer has two 180º scales that read in opposite directions
  • Baseline® 360° Goniometer has two scales, 360° and 180°
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Baseline® Stainless Finger Goniometer
  • 0° to 150° scales printed on both sides of the dial that read in opposite directions
  • Friction arm, needle pointer for accuracy
  • 5° increments
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Baseline® Wrist Inclinometer
  • Quickly and accurately measures pronation and supination
  • Free-moving needle is easy to read
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Finger Goniometer
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