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Offloading Shoes

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Bauerfeind Globoped® Forefoot Relief Orthosis Shoes
  • Helps shorten convalescence
  • Minimizes post-op edema
  • Earlier patient mobility
  • Bilateral use capability

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Bauerfeind GloboPed® Heel Relief Orthosis
  • Eliminates weight bearing on the posterior end of the foot
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Darco® Body Armor™ Toe Guard
  • Protects toe area post-op or post injury
  • Hard ABS plastic with side wings
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Darco® Heel Wedge Healing Shoe
  • Protects heel by significantly reducing weight-bearing pressure
  • Patented design has locking ankle strap for safe ambulation
  • Square toe design protects and offers a better fit
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Darco® Ortho-Wedge Shoe
  • Promotes healing by shifting weight from the forefoot to the midfoot and heel
  • Wide base, square toe design and ankle strap provide additional toe protection and added stability
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Darco® Peg Assist™ System
  • Cost effective
  • Moldable
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HeelLift Glide Suspension Boot

Hapad Foot Protection

Smart Caregiver. Quiet, Safe Fall Prevention

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