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Foam Rollers

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AliMed® Constructa™ Foam Cylinders
  • Let you custom fabricate wheelchair and bed support systems
  • Create trunk and head supports, body positioners, abduction wedges, as well as leg and arm troughs using these lightweight closed-cell foam materials
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AliMed® Foam Roller Covers
  • Stretch fabric sleeves
  • Keeps rollers cleaner


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AliMed® Foam Rollers
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Constructed of high density foam for long-lasting performance
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AliMed® Hi-Density Foam Rollers
  • Will not breakdown with daily use
  • Special molded foam creates a firm and smooth surface that won't change shape
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AliMed® Mini Thera-Rolls™
  • Targets cervical musculature and plantar fascia
  • Help stimulate blood flow and reduce pain and swelling
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AliMed® Thera-Roll® Textured Roller with Ridges
  • Features ridges to help relieve muscle tightness and enhance self-massage
  • Help increase strength, improve balance
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Cando® Tufcoat™ Coated Foam Rollers
  • Combine the firm core of a foam roller with the added durability of a waterproof outer coating
  • Stand up to heavy wear
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Constructa™ Foam Half Roll Exerciser
  • Ideal for stretching and strengthening in ankle and knee rehabilitation
  • Economical and versatile
  • Use the rounded side for balance activities
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EVA Mottled Foam Rollers
  • Denser foam giving them a firmer feel
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Foam Roller Wall Storage Rack
  • Keeps rollers stored neatly and out of the way
  • Holds six 6"x36" rolls
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