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Monitor Risers

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VuRyser1 Monitor Risers
  • Incrementally adjust the height of the monitor at minimum cost
  • Design accommodates disks, CDs, zip disks, etc.
  • Supports up to 80 lbs
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VuRyser2 Monitor Risers
  • Allows computer user to correctly position the monitor and maximize desk space at the same time
  • High impact plastic
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Wall and Ceiling Mount
  • Options offer ideal space-saving solutions for mounting monitors, CPUs and keyboards
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Workrite Poise™
  • Web Special Price on Items Ending in G - No Further Discounts Apply
  • Keeps monitor perfectly parallel
  • Easily clamps on surface
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Workrite Sequoia™ Monitor Mount
  • Supports up to 6 monitors
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Xtend 26" Monitor Arm
  • Pole-free design creates larger work area
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Zuma Monitor and Keyboard Tray Sit-Stand Bundle
  • Includes Zuma Sit-Stand Single Monitor, Marin Sit-Stand Keyboard Mechanism, Alpine HDPE Universal Mount with Keyboard tray
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