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Adult Speech Therapy

We have an outstanding collection of the best adult speech therapy resources as well top brand products including The Breather, GoTalk, Voice Cue and more:
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A Selection of Stimulus Materials, Vol. 1
  • Now on flash drive
  • Worksheets for specific language stimulation
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Advanced Stimulus Materials, Vol. 2
  • Now on Flash Drive
  • Helps clients with milder neurological impairments
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Aphasia Therapy Workbooks
  • Prove more beneficial in therapy and home programs
  • Great for face-to-face therapy
  • When material is used for between-session practice, clients recover their language skills more quickly
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Assessment of Language Related Functional Activities (ALFA)
  • Assess language-related functional activities in 30 to 90 minutes
  • Consists of ten subtests, each of which assesses a different functional activity
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Bedside Evaluation Screening Test (BEST-2), 2nd Edition
  • Assesses and quantifies adult language disorders resulting from aphasia
  • Updated and redesigned, it can be used by the entire neurogenic team working on communicative modalities
  • An efficient, convenient screening instrument
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Categorization & Scanning Cards
  • Deck of 25 photo cards
  • Designed to promote categorization and visual scanning skills
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Clamp-On Adjustable Mirror
  • Clamps onto bed rail, wheelchair, tabletop and other surfaces
  • Helps with speech therapy in any environment
  • Shatterproof
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ColorCards Activities
  • Handbook with 101 teaching and therapy ideas for developing language
  • Highly effective and motivating
  • Requires minimal preparation
  • Handbook only (ColorCards sold separately)
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ColorCards Basic Sequences
  • Completely revised ColorCards set includes 16 new three-step sequences!
  • Demonstrates simple, sequentially related actions to help establish basic concepts
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ColorCards Basic Verbs
  • Fun and colorful ColorCards for all ages!
  • Contains clear images of the most frequently used and easily recognizable verbs
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